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[oneshot] challenge accepted

Title: Challenge Accepted
Pairing: Kai / Kyungsoo
Rating: NC17 *smut, coarse language
Summary: Jongin has a porn collection and his computer crashes. Kyungsoo is his go-to tech repair. Challenges are thrown and met. Jongin blames it all on Chanyeol.


**omg like this is all taemin_knee's doing. (i'm sorry this took so long omg) and thank you jisun and emily (sungminnie012envybleedsgreen) for wanting to help me beta this. love those girls to bits, they're so sweet. //throws a pole at them with love// and omg heads up for some horrid grammar. apparently i'm at this phase where i can't english well :E


Jongin’s breath came in short little gasps, the hem of his faded batman shirt caught between his lips as he moaned into the dry fabric that desperately needed a good wash. Eyes hooded and focused on the computer screen, his fingers idly tiptoed across the edge of his sweatpants. One hand was splayed across his taut stomach while his pinky looped around the drawstring in a teasing motion.

A cry resonated through the speakers, a wanton groan that made his entire body twitch in response. Slowly, with a tantalizing speed he didn't know was possible, Jongin savoured the moment as he felt himself under his own fingertips. He trailed a thumb over his hips, the dip and curve of the chiseled bone under heated skin. He traced the faint scar just on the side of his abdomen, an injury from his childhood, and as he swirled a finger around his belly button, tickling the skin just above the crotch and sending a shiver up his spine, he let out a muffled whimper. Breathing through his nose, he threw his head back with a soft roll of his eyes.

God, he thought, lost in a haze of his own euphoria. He hadn't even gotten to the best part yet.

He watched, with half-closed lids and teeth biting into his shirt, as the screen of his laptop zoomed into a swirl of tongues. It was a mess of spit and wet noise, and Jongin found himself squirming for that same contact. Sticking his own tongue out in an attempt to lick his lips, he tasted the rough dusty flavour of his shirt instead. The coarse material rubbed against his taste buds, a streak of saliva dampening the fabric. He bit down harder when he reached down to tentatively grasp the erection that was tenting the front of his trousers.

He hissed at the soft contact, his hand gently palming and gripping his cock with every intake of breath. A dark patch stained the front of his pants as the heat that radiated through the heavy material warmed his palm. The screen changed once more, only to show a perky ass that was red and twitching with greed. That was all Jongin needed for his hand to finally travel under the band of his sweats, touching himself fully with slick, quick flicks of his wrist. The wet clump of his shirt slid out of his mouth as he parted his lips with a sharp gasp. He felt detached, his hands controlled by an invisible force as the rest of his body sat there, slumped on the computer chair, ravished and stroked into submission.

A finger dug into the folds of the skin on the head, smearing a streak of precum down his shaft as a silent cry vibrated his body. His skin was sensitive under the rough fabric of his clothes, and Jongin groaned wantonly as his hands finally found a steady rhythm. His hips jerked in unison with the shaft that disappeared into the tight ass on the flashing screen before him, as his heart pounded in his ears. One hand steadily pumped his length and the other snaked its way under his shirt, teasing his chest with feathery caresses over his nipples and abdomen. When his breath came in rushed hiccups, signalling the finish line, Jongin attached both his hands on his hardening cock and watched as the moans and grunts of the video also indicated its close end.

"Ah... Ah... God," he grunted, tongue sliding out to lick the corners of his lips as his fingers ghosted all over his leaking cock.

Jongin anticipated the climax, that momentary white blaze of ecstasy that wrapped around his vision and body, unravelling his core and taking away his breath until it was satisfied with how much euphoric damage it had caused. Wanting to match the timing, he wrapped his fingers in a tight ring around the base. He cried softly as his other hand continued its touches, from the narrow slit at the head and down to fondling his balls. Jongin was near the edge, ready to explode in tune with the slapping rhythm and echoed moans from the screen. So when the sound suddenly cut off mid-cry, his dark bedroom filled with an eerie silence save for his own haggard breathing, Jongin's body lost that tensed expectancy. He blinked, chest rising and hands stilling its movement around his wet cock, as a frown slowly marred his forehead.

The laptop screen was distorted and frozen post-climax, leaving Jongin, hands on his dick, narrowing his eyes in furious thought. He moved one tentative hand and shook the mouse. Nothing.

"Oh, you have got to be shitting me," he grumbled. Staring down at his cock, tight and pressing up against his stomach with his fingers still wrapped around the base, Jongin bit his bottom lip in thought.

That buzz, the sizzling crawl under his skin, was gone. And he no longer felt in the mood.

"That's the last time I ask Chanyeol to download me anything," he muttered, contemplating whether to let the heat die down or to do a quick finish. Hesitant, he ran a nail over the dip of the head and gasped.

That white light he loved so much, blinded his vision, his body tensed as a hot fluid covered his hands, pants, and desk.


"I'm sending you the repair costs."

"Why... me? I didn't do anything. You're the one who couldn't keep your damn hormones in check."

Jongin pulled his lips back into a sneer as he balanced his cellphone between his shoulder and cheek. He pushed his way into the tech-repair store just a block from his house, almost dropping his laptop when the toe of his shoe caught the doorframe.

"You fried my hardware with all those porn videos!" Jongin hissed, putting his laptop down on the front counter, "I asked for some classic smut, Chanyeol, not some third-rated crap that infects my entire hard-drive."

"Oh... it was bound to happen... I took a look at your history, Kkam-jong, and trust me when I say you probably had other viruses floating in that little disc of yours. You had it coming--Oh...!"

Jongin's eyes narrowed suspiciously as odd panting and harsh whimpers echoed out from his phone. He pulled back and stared at the device before putting it by his ear once more.

"...Please don't tell me you have your dick up someone's ass right now."

He could practically hear the smirk that played along Chanyeol's words. "You know Baekhyun, he's so needy and horny. It's your fault for having bad timing, okay?" A grunt ended his sentence, followed by a muffled cry.

"Oh god, it's not even noon!" Jongin snapped, rubbing his temples.

"Sex and time," Chanyeol muttered haughtily, "are totally irrelevant."

"As your dick and common courtesy are extraneous as well."


Rolling his eyes, Jongin ran his fingers through his hair, the scent of soap trailing after his skin. "I'll talk to you when you're not busy shoving something up your roommate’s ass." He paused. "And do me a favour and just don't pick up your fucking phone when you're fucking."

"Say hi to Kyungsoo for me," Chanyeol muttered instead, chuckling breathlessly with an underlying meaning as he ignored Jongin's snide comment and relayed his own regards to his cousin. The line went dead as Jongin's eyebrow twitched. Snapping his phone shut with a flick of his wrist, Jongin irritably shoved the device into his pocket.

"I still don't understand how you and Chanyeol are best friends," a familiar voice said across the counter.
Snapping his head up, Jongin's eyes twinkled with recognition as he saw the apple of his eye. Shrugging nonchalantly, Jongin ignored the flutter in his stomach and quirked his lips in greeting. A youthful boy, not much older than Jongin himself, stood poised and smiling, plump lips curled into a friendly grin as that trademark fragrance of lemon and coriander wafted over.

"Frienemies," Jongin corrected, smirking. "It's a love-hate relationship." He took in the defined eyebrows and soft cheeks of the boy, raking his eyes up and down the contours of the round eyes and smooth outline of the shoulders and waist. "I should be the one asking you though, how the hell are you guys related?" Jongin said, gaze lingering on the plush lips as his mind reeled with thoughts and images that should never be spoken out loud.

"Family mystery. He's like the ugly duckling of our otherwise normal family." The boy hummed with amusement, oblivious to Jongin's critical stare. He then looked to the laptop that was beside his elbow and raised an expectant eyebrow. "The usual?"

"In my defense, it was Chanyeol's fault this time." Jongin said, directing the blame away from himself.
Taking the laptop in his hands, the boy sighed as he turned it on, "Good god, you guys need to lay off the porn."

Jongin snorted, "Can you honestly admit you've never seen any yourself, Kyungsoo?"

Kyungsoo stared pointedly at Jongin, his most frequent customer, with a look of incredulity. "I've seen some, sure, but nowhere near the amount that you have. You're in this store once every week because your hard drive keeps getting infected with who-knows-what from all those downloa--" Words suddenly cut off into silence as Kyungsoo stared, surprised, at the monitor before him.

Jongin mildly wondered if he should've mentioned that his screen was still frozen. Post-climax of a porn video. Of two naked men. Gay sex. Unf.

Kyungsoo bit his bottom lip and cleared his throat in an attempt to look impassive.

"Ah, this oddly reminds me of my first time here," Jongin mused, "your eyes were the size of saucers when I told you what I was doing when my laptop suddenly shut down and--"

"Stop," Kyungsoo said calmly, raising a hand for silence, "I don't want to remember that traumatizing moment of my life."

"Hey, all I said was that I had my hands--"

"You didn't say it, you motioned it," Kyungsoo hissed. He shook his head as he closed the screen. "It makes me wonder what your life was like before porn took over," he muttered, placing the laptop on the back table behind him.

Jongin pursed his lips in thought but didn't get a chance to speak as Kyungsoo flashed him a look.
"It was a statement, not a question, so I don't actually want to know," Kyungsoo said, eyes widening to showcase a large expanse of white at the seriousness of his words.

"You'd think there's a reason why you're still single," Jongin commented derisively, cocking his hips as he crossed his arms. "It's been a while since you've had some, eh, gramps?"

"I don't want to hear that from a brat who only knows how to masturbate," Kyungsoo muttered, narrowing his eyes, "I bet you're still a virgin."

Jongin dropped his jaw in mock hurt. "I'm offended. You think a body like this," he emphasized his point with a quick up down motion of his hands, "has never been laid before?" He snorted. "If anyone's a virgin, it's you."

Kyungsoo's lip twitched into a grin, the light in his eyes suddenly changing. Jongin paused mid-thought of imaging a blushing Kyungsoo spreading his legs for him when he caught the diminutive change in the shorter male.

"Please," Kyungsoo tilted his head with a quick wink, "I doubt that you could keep up with me in bed."
Jongin's mind reeled with images from the meaning. He gulped as he stealthily wiped his nose. Good. He wasn't having a nosebleed. Crossing his arms, he slightly narrowed his eyes as he tried to read Kyungsoo's smirking face. "Is that a challenge?"

Kyungsoo chuckled, "If you want it to be." He met Jongin's gaze unabashedly.

Jongin's fingers twitched with an excited jolt as he stared into Kyungsoo's daring glare. He licked his bottom lip and grinned. "You may not be able to walk afterwards. Might need Chanyeol to fill in for you for about a week," he stated jokingly. The Kyungsoo he knew wasn't easy like this. He was certain the elder man was going to back down with a teasing laugh and wave this off as a joke. But when an amused chuckle escaped Kyungsoo's lips and a knowing smirk replaced his smile, Jongin's voice and grin faded.

"Seriously?" Jongin choked, heat suddenly flooding his body as Kyungsoo leaned forward. The smaller man's hips rested across the edge of the counter as his breath ghosted across Jongin's lips. Somewhere beneath the childlike purity of his eyes was a devious and sensual creature that patiently waited for the right moment to reveal itself. And this was something Jongin had never seen in the five months he had known the tech repairman.

Jongin visibly shuddered, not out of fear or dread, but because anticipation and a sudden build of euphoria crawled under his skin. It took every conscious effort to not lean forward and capture that tantalizing bottom lip in a kiss.

"When you get bored of all those porn videos," Kyungsoo drawled, blinking his round eyes in mock innocence, "come by and see me. I'll show you something even better." He smiled a secretive grin, finger tapping the back of Jongin's hand in an open invitation.

Gulping, Jongin released an erratic breath, unable to tear his gaze away from Kyungsoo's. He allowed the whiteness of the scheming eyes be etched to the linings of his vision. Soon, he found his jeans oddly tight around his groin as he cleared his throat in an awkward fashion.

Jongin came to a conclusion that burning his years worth of porn videos could be done on command, if it meant he could spend one night with Kyungsoo in the confinements of a bedroom.


The bathroom was humid, the mirror foggy from the steam as the air was heavy with raging hormones and the need of release.

Jongin gasped, fingers curling around air as his eyelids fluttered with the accompaniment of a drawn out moan. Back arching as his skin tickled under the sensitive touch of the lukewarm water, he licked his wet lips as he placed a shaky hand on the tiled walls of the shower stall. He slid his other hand around his throbbing cock, the heat from his male organ unparalleled to any object he had ever grasped. And with a keen whimper, he jerked into his own touch.

Streams of water from the shower head trailed down his body, heightening the sensitivity of his skin as he slowly found a rhythm for his hands to move vertically on his length. With each stroke, Jongin felt his cock pulse harder under his palm. His hair fell into his eyes as his hips began to shudder and thrust forward on their own accord.

He imagined scarlet lips wrapping around the head, teasing the slit with a warm tongue as teeth playfully nipped around the folds of skin. Letting out a haggard breath, he bit his bottom lip as a groan echoed deeply in the back of his throat.

When you get bored of all those porn videos, come by and see me. I'll show you something even better.

Jongin gasped, head snapping up as he remembered Kyungsoo's words vividly. He swore he still felt the warm breath that ghosted across his lips. With one final jerk of his hips and pull of his wrist, the white light that he adored so much enveloped his vision and gave him the momentary sensation of freefalling.

"Damn," Jongin murmured, chest rising and falling as his heart pounded in his ears. His legs shakily supported his body as he placed both hands on the tiled shower walls. The water was now cool against his heated body, signalling the time. He had come three times with the image of Kyungsoo planted clearly in his mind. And even then, it wasn't enough. He knew that it would never be the same unless he held the actual thing in his own arms and feel the heat of the other against his skin. It had been a total of two days since Kyungsoo had given that invitation, and Jongin was already tiring of his videos. None of those trained professionals that made a living of bending over for the camera compared to what a fully clothed, wide eyed tech nerd could arouse.

Turning off the taps and allowing the steam of the bathroom blanket over him, Jongin licked away the stray water droplets from his lips as he came to a calm conclusion.

Whether Kyungsoo was serious, Jongin did not care. The boy had given out an invitation full of underlying meanings, and Jongin was going to take Kyungsoo up on his offer.


Jongin slammed his laptop down onto the counter. Kyungsoo, eyes wide in incredulity and surprise, stared up at the younger boy. He slowly folded the newspaper in his hands with cautious stealth.

"Something wrong?" Kyungsoo asked, eyebrow raised in question at the livid glare on Jongin's otherwise poker face. He stole a quick glance at the laptop on the counter, mildly wondering if the device was still functional after such an impact. "If your computer crashed again, I'm going to charge you double this time," Kyungsoo muttered, swallowing away the sudden awareness of Jongin's heated gaze. He didn't know why, but the predatory stance Jongin emitted raised the hairs on the back of his neck. Something like an inner animal instinct told him to run away from this prowler, but he promptly ignored such subconscious warnings and stretched his hand over to take the laptop. "I swear, Jongin, either you need to cut back on your porn or you need to start paying me a weekly fee. How many times has it bee--mmf."

Kyungsoo was only aware of two things at that moment. The bruising grip around his wrist and the lips that were pressed flush against his own in a sudden invasion of privacy. He blinked, pulling back slowly with a gasp when he felt Jongin's fingers loosen around his wrist to only sensually caress the back of his hand. Electricity shot up his arm and rang all the alarms in his head.

"Is that offer still open?" Jongin whispered, voice hoarse and gruff. He met Kyungsoo's stunned stare with a smouldering gaze, lips curved up into the slightest of smiles.

Mouth tingling from the forceful touch of lips, Kyungsoo erupted with a sudden choke of laughter, realization dawning on him like a refreshing splash of cold water. He quickly muffled his laugh with the back of his hand as a new, daring glint shined in his eyes. He hummed and leaned forward, amusement lining the curl of his lips as he placed his hand over Jongin's and tilted his head with a bat of his lashes. "I was wondering when you would man up and face me in bed." His shoulders shook as Jongin growled deep in his throat. Oh. Kyungsoo liked that. Very much.

"Challenge accepted?" Jongin breathed, hand reaching behind Kyungsoo to wind long, ebony fingers around his slim neck. He pulled until their noses bumped together.

Kyungsoo smirked, tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip. He tilted his chin forward and sighed as their lips clicked once again in a more languid and slow kiss. It was the stamp of a finalized deal.

"Challenge accepted."


Jongin didn't remember how they ended up in his apartment. "Judging by how you were my only customer today, no harm will be done if I close early," was all Kyungsoo had said. And somehow, after the elder man had locked up the shop, they had briskly walked to Jongin's complex.

"I hate buttons," Kyungsoo grumbled, brows furrowing as his fingers fumbled with Jongin's jeans.

The tall boy found the sight endearing. As soon as they had stepped into the bedroom, Kyungsoo had attached his fingers to his pants, burying himself in frustration as he tried to undo the simple button. Carelessly laughing, Jongin leaned down and cupped Kyungsoo's jaw to lead the kiss. With a muffled moan of satisfaction, forgetting the damned button, Kyungsoo promptly allowed Jongin to push him back onto the bed as he parted his lips in welcome.

Tongues danced in a lead and follow type of duet. Jongin surged forward, knees cradled on either side of Kyungsoo's hips as he poked and licked every cavern and crevice of the elder boys mouth. He had his hands twirled in Kyungsoo's hair, tugging and caressing when he felt Kyungsoo nibbling on his bottom lip in that rebellious way.

"I take offense of this shirt," Kyungsoo grunted, pulling away as he slid his splayed fingers down the front of Jongin's body. He snaked his hands under the shirt, pulling the felonious clothing off the strong torso. He breathed quickly, eyes raking up the toned muscles of the slim body greedily. His fingers found the button of Jongin's pants again, earning a chuckle from the younger boy as he whooped a cheer when it finally came undone.

"Hey, Jongin," Kyungsoo murmured, staring curiously at the other boys crotch with narrowed eyes. Jongin hummed in response, busying himself with rapidly unbuttoning Kyungsoo's shirt. "Are you wearing underwear?"

The knowing grin that tugged at Jongin's lips drowned his suspicions. A guttural growl echoed out of Kyungsoo's throat as he pushed up and captured the smirking lips into a ferocious kiss. This time, Kyungsoo dominated, tilting his head slightly and coaxing Jongin into submission.

"That's such a turn on," Kyungsoo whispered. He wiped the saliva trail off his chin and lifted a knee. He used it as leverage to flip Jongin under him, switching their positions with a sweet smile. He then slid the unbuttoned shirt off his body and stretched his arms over his head, aware of Jongin's hungry glare. "Like what you see?" He asked, hands roaming Jongin's taut stomach. He marvelled at the golden hue of the boys skin, a blinding contrast to his own pale complexion.

"Much," Jongin whispered, the deep brooding voice sending shivers rattling down Kyungsoo's spine. The boy had that bedroom voice Kyungsoo only imagined in his fantasies. And now, it seemed like dreams did come true. Licking his drying lips, Kyungsoo thumbed the dip of Jongin's hips, fingers brushing over the jut of the hipbones before caressing the navel. He grinned when the younger boy jerked under his feathery touch. And with no warning, Kyungsoo slid a hand inside Jongin's pants, grabbing the hard erection and hiding his surprise at how big Jongin was. He promptly placed his other hand on the younger boys chest, pushing him down when he jerked at the touch.

"Shit," Jongin breathed, his adams apple bobbing at the sudden contact of flesh against flesh. He closed his eyes and bit down on his lips as Kyungsoo worked his magic with his hands. The pace was all set by Kyungsoo, and no matter how many times Jongin urged the elder boy to speed up or to grip harder, a sly grin was the only thing Jongin received. "Kyungsoo," Jongin whined, furrowing his brows as his hips were firmly locked under those gorgeous thighs. He wanted more friction, to thrust into that hand until he reached his climax. But the strength with which Kyungsoo pinned him down was something that caught Jongin off guard.

"Stay still," Kyungsoo ordered, removing his hand and suddenly lifting his body off of Jongin.

The sudden loss of contact had Jongin groaning in desperation. He could feel his erection hard and throbbing in need against his stomach. So when he reopened his eyes, expecting to see Kyungsoo bent over his cock for a blowjob, the air was knocked out of him from the completely unexpected view.

Stripped of his jeans, Kyungsoo was now completely naked and resuming his straddling position just below Jongin's erection. The younger boy didn't know where to look. His eyes drifted to the predatory glint in Kyungsoo's eyes, to the blindingly white and bare thighs that pressed against his body, and then to Kyungsoo's cock, strained and leaking up against his stomach. Feeling the heat that pooled around his groin tighten and burn, Jongin just blinked up at the older man in the comforts of his pillows, licking in lips in anticipation. His hand itched to wrap themselves around Kyungsoo's erection, curious as to how the elder man would look like when stroked into ecstasy. But Kyungsoo was a step faster than him and swatted the grabby hands away.

"Suck," Kyungsoo commanded instead, whispering the word with a rich, velvet voice as he stretched his fingers towards Jongin's mouth.

Jongin complied quickly, parting his lips as fingers swirled around his tongue. Saliva coated all three fingers and dribbled down his chin, and with a curious blink, Jongin's gaze followed the fingers out of his mouth until, with a gasp, he watched as Kyungsoo reached behind himself and moaned greedily. He was fingering himself. Right on top of Jongin.

"Ah," Kyungsoo gasped, back arced and head thrown backwards to show the elegant curve of his neck. With slow precision, he started moving his fingers in and out of his ass, scissoring and stretching the muscles as he stared down at Jongin and his erection. He licked his lips as his body trembled in want and anticipation. Kyungsoo needed that in him, fucking him into compilation. Retreating his fingers, Kyungsoo released a high whine as the last knuckle slid itself out of his hole. He met Jongin's heated stare with hooded eyes, releasing a shuddering sigh as he leaned forward and captured Jongin's lips between his teeth. He felt the younger boy claw at his arms, hungry fingers digging into the soft skin with raging heat as his lips kissed down Kyungsoo's neck and shoulder.

"Do you want me Jongin? Riding you nice and hard, milking you out until you're spent? You just saw me, preparing myself just for you. I don't do that for everyone you know, but you're just so big," Kyungsoo emphasized his point with a brush of his hands over Jongin's cock , earning himself a moan of approval.

"Fuck," Jongin breathed, lips clamping over Kyungsoo's sinful ones and cutting off the dirty words. Jongin didn't know how much longer he could last, just listening and watching Kyungsoo had him tipping over the edge.

They parted with a sigh, Jongin resting back down on the bed as Kyungsoo lifted himself onto his knees. Feet arched, Kyungsoo had his eyes trained on Jongin's black orbs, catching the light that reflected off the bedside lamp. Grabbing Jongin's slick cock with one hand and reaching back to part his ass cheeks with his other, Kyungsoo shifted slightly so that he was hovering over the erection, all the while keeping his eyes on Jongin's face.

The slide in was quick and tight, something that made Jongin's breath hitch in his throat. He watched with an attentive eye at how Kyungsoo's lips parted and head tilted downwards as he impaled himself down onto Jongin's throbbing cock, all wet and hard and hot against his sensitive hole. Kyungsoo was gasping, chest rising rapidly as he moaned deeply with a bite of his tongue. Deeming that Kyungsoo needed some help, Jongin rested his hands on Kyungsoo's hips, pushing the man down further onto his cock until he was completely filled to the hilt, buried deep in Kyungsoo's ass.

Jongin desperately ignored his want to thrust his hips up into that hole, watching with each heavy breath as Kyungsoo closed his eyes and arched his back at the sudden pain. And with a deliberate slowness, Kyungsoo gripped Jongin's stomach and lifted himself, planting his feet on the bed as he rose up until the head of Jongin's cock was just visible, before plunging himself back down with a light whimper of a gasp.

Hands still placed on Kyungsoo's hips, Jongin breathed through his mouth as Kyungsoo repeated his ups and downs on his cock, quickening his pace once the pain disappeared and pleasure was all he saw with each bounce. With a shuddering moan, Jongin gripped with bruising fingers against Kyungsoo's pale hips, the sweet sound of the breathy ah ah ah's filling the room with a heady want. And when Jongin met Kyungsoo’s hooded gaze, cheeks flushed with fulfillment, his hips started thrusting upwards, meeting every downward push of Kyungsoo's ass. The older man released a string of moans as Jongin showed no signs of relenting in his exact and strong thrusts. Jongin kept the pace as he sat up and wrapped his arms around Kyungsoo's lithe body, nails softly scratching at the skin with frustration and heat.

The new angle and position had Kyungsoo shaking and trembling in Jongin's arms, the younger boys cock and force bouncing him into oblivion. A constant stream of whimpers escaped his lips in accompaniment to Jongin's grunts. Kyungsoo licked and nipped along Jongin's jaw and shoulder, sliding his teeth gently over the neck as Jongin continued to snap his hips into him. Kyungsoo didn't know what was better, the strong thrusts of Jongin's hips fucking him open, or the deep horny groans that kept ghosting over his ear.

"Ah," Kyungsoo gasped, resting his head on Jongin's shoulder when a strong hand suddenly wraps itself around his own erection. "No," his voice hitches as Jongin slides his hand in time with his thrusts over Kyungsoo's own leaking cock, causing the older man to moan low in his throat.

And that was how they rode over the edge, Kyungsoo bouncing feverishly on Jongin's lap, being fucked with each strong thrust of Jongin's gorgeously tanned hips with hands on his cock desperately milking him into submission. Not lasting long, that deafening white light enveloped both their vision as choked cries and moans echoed through the clammy room. Hot, sweaty, and brushes of human contact. Trails of white painted their bodies in a lasting mark of a challenge completed.


Chest rising with each gulp of air, Jongin ran feathery fingers along the faint tracings of Kyungsoo's ribcage before caressing over the nipples as they laid next to each other, legs entwined and bodies slick with sweat.

"I haven't had a good fuck like that in ages," Kyungsoo sighed, licking his lips in contentment. He snapped his head towards Jongin, a devilish glint in his eyes, "up for another round?"

Jongin blinked, mouth parted in stunned silence. Was this man for real? How does he look so childishly innocent, yet be an inner sex fiend? This was a crime. So Jongin just chuckled in amusement, burying his face into the pillows. "I must be crazy to think I find this really attractive," he murmured into the fabric, a smile playing along his lips.

"Is that a yes or what?" Kyungsoo muttered, slapping Jongin's naked ass. He smirked when Jongin looked up at him with a teasing growl. Leaning forward until he was flush on top of Jongin once more, hot skin brushing against hot skin, Kyungsoo trailed his hands up around Jongin's head, fingers losing themselves between Jongin's matted hair. "So how do I compare to your porn videos?" Kyungsoo asked, teeth nipping around Jongin's ear.

Jongin hummed, eyes fluttering when Kyungsoo shifted and their hips brushed dangerously close. "I think you should quit your job," Jongin answered, meeting Kyungsoo's confused gaze. He grinned, "so that you can be my private pornstar."

Kyungsoo's laughter rang sweet and melodious. "Please don't tell me that's how you hit on people," he snorted and nuzzled the crook of Jongin's neck. "I bet you Chanyeol would probably do it though, being a pornstar and everything. I wouldn't be surprised."

Jongin crinkled his nose in distaste, "I'll take up abstinence before I have to watch him have sex."

Kyungsoo's body shook against him with chuckles. "Baekhyun would be offended."

Jongin shrugged, "so would Chanyeol's dick, but you don't see me bending over and apologizing." He grinned as Kyungsoo muffled another laugh with his hands. Silence suddenly enveloped them like a blanket, only the echo of their beating hearts and light breaths filling the pregnant stillness.

"So," Jongin pursed his lips, trailing his fingers down the curve of Kyungsoo's spine and resting his palms on the soft buttocks. He playfully grinned when Kyungsoo gasped.

"So?" Kyungsoo breathed, lips kissing along Jongin's jaw as his fingers danced over the chest.

Jongin met Kyungsoo's questioning stare with a crooked smile. "I don't suppose you're against me recording us going another round for future pleasures?"

Kyungsoo raised an eyebrow. "I thought you were done with your porn videos."

"Is it a porn video when I'm seeing myself get down and dirty?" Jongin mused.

"Oh my god. You are unbelievable," Kyungsoo muttered, eyes widening to show the large expanse of the whites.

"As you are a sex monster, but hey, I'm not complaining," Jongin shot back, hands reaching down further to tease Kyungsoo's inner thighs. He decided that he really liked these legs, the thighs especially. "Should I continue?" Jongin asked playfully as he watched Kyungsoo close his eyes with a faint whimper. His eyes were glinting with mischief, "you seem kind of tired, gramps."

"Are you challenging me?" Kyungsoo growled, narrowing his eyes. He shifted his hips with a soft thrust up, rubbing their dicks together. He smirked when Jongin moaned, the muscles in his neck tensing from the sudden brush of skin.

"Challenge accepted?" Jongin muttered, breath ghosting over Kyungsoo's lips as his hands dipped into the crevice of his ass.

"Challenge accepted," Kyungsoo gasped, lips captured into a dominated kiss as hands roamed over his body.

Euphoric sighs escaped their lips as they both surged forward to meet the challenge with baited breaths and teasing touches.


/sobbing quietly away
i'm sorry. what is this.

Tags: exo, fic: challenge accepted, kai/kyungsoo
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